Local voices must be heard

I AM deeply upset about the loss of the Beachcomber, yet again the wishes of the people of Seaford have been ignored by outside bodies. We, the people of Seaford put up a good fight but were let down by the system.

I hope the system will change. The coalition government has promised that through the localism bill, currently going through the House of Lords, to change the way planning applications are determined and give the rights of residents more weight and local councillors the power to determine local issues.

Let us hope this will ensure in future the voices of us the people of Seaford are taken into account in planning applications.

Many councillors stood for election because they want to improve the town they live in, therefore I trust the Coalition government will give us the tools and resources to do our job and enable us to stand up and fight for the town in which we are passionate about.

Councillor Sam Adeniji

District and Town

Councillor Seaford South.