Local service saved my life

I read with horror the report in the Eastbourne Herald (September 16) that the Coronary Care Unit at Eastbourne DGH is to be downgraded, with hours cut back to daytime only from April 2012.

This is absolutely terrible for our town – what can the Primary Care Trust be thinking? I know finances are very tight but this department is absolutely brilliant.

I had a heart attack in 2006 on a Saturday evening and the wonderful doctors and nurses saved my life. If I had had to go to Brighton, St Leonards or even further afield I would be dead.

Not only was the care they gave me second to none but being in my own town meant that my family did not have to face the added trauma of long journeys to give me the support that is needed at such a time.

It is essential that the people of Eastbourne and surrounding areas who will need this brilliant facility are protected from such an insane decision. Lives are at risk.

The Coronary Care Unit at Eastbourne DGH, whose expertise and quality of care have achieved such success in saving lives, must remain full-time.

Michael Barrell

West Terrace.