Local issues need local representation

IN response to David Close, who wrote so strongly on the topic of dog’s mess, I can only say I fully agree with his sentiments and call for action.

I cannot speak for Polegate Town Council, but as a town councillor I have been involved in the deliberations on new dog mess bins, the costings and such.

I take such matters seriously as the issue is particularly bad in some of Polegate’s scenic and pedestrian areas.

There is, to my knowledge, only one dog warden in East Sussex, and the responsibilities for litter clearance lies with the District Council.

I firmly believe Polegate Town Council officers do the best they can, but are hostage to the capacity of tiers of local government above them. We need a local District Council representative to get action on these matters.

My family are fed up with the dog mess issue, bags in trees and mess on the verge! In these straightened economic times District Council resources are stretched and it is likely to be the case that only forthright representation will secure action.

I do not feel our existing District Council representation is concerned enough with local issues. I believe this is so as they do not live in the area, therefore do not walk about the town to see the issue for themselves.

Polegate residents have an opportunity to vote for a local candidate in the upcoming election.


Black Path, Polegate