Lloyd’s voting record is clear

I AM more than a little surprised that your correspondent Michael Harris, who obviously writes from a perspective well to the right of Genghis Khan, should be asking the question ‘Tell us what you stand for Stephen!’.

If Mr Harris consults the very useful website www.publicwhip.org.uk he will find to his delight that Mr Lloyd has an almost unblemished record of voting in support of the Tory-led coalition.

Whilst this may not be what the voters of Eastbourne expected when they voted for him, nonetheless Mr Lloyd has dutifully voted with the government on 379 occasions, only five times against.

Amongst the measures he is in favour of according to his voting record is the eventual break up and privatisation of the NHS under a bill which was bitterly opposed by the vast majority of health professionals and the general public.

In addition he also voted against the publication of the Risk Register, the government’s own assessment of what might happen to the NHS once the bill is passed.

With such an admirably consistent record as that, surely Mr Harris should be among his most ardent supporters.

I suspect however, that come the next general election, the voters of Eastbourne might not be quite so euphoric.