Lloyd is a tireless MP for the town

SO, ex Eastbourne MP Nigel Waterson has “not sought to SO, ex Eastbourne MP Nigel Waterson has “not sought to challenge the result of the election, but simply wishes to restore his reputation with the general public and in particular, the people of Eastbourne.

I knew Stephen Lloyd for about a year through volunteering in his office. In that time I met countless local people with only good things to say about him; that he was an honourable man, who worked hard for Eastbourne’s residents and was inciting a lot of positive change in the area.

I have seen first hand how frantically busy Stephen is, how his days are generally a dash from one appointment to the next, surgeries, visiting constituents in their homes, receiving them in his office.

And when he does sit down it will be to read and respond to correspondence from local people seeking his help with various issues. He even has diary appointments scheduled in on Christmas Day.


Magdalen Close