Lloyd defying his own party by voting in favour of May’s Brexit deal


From: John Carmody

Royal Parade

Eastbourne’s MP, Stephen Lloyd and his Conservative opponent have united in opposing a second referendum following the deal negotiated by Theresa May on the terms of our departure from the European Union (Herald, November 23).

Mr Lloyd is also set to defy his own party by deciding to vote in favour of the deal.

Most commentators are of the opinion that the deal will be rejected by Parliament and it is unclear what the Government’s next step would be if these forecasts are correct.

We are also aware that the European Union negotiators have stated that the agreement reached with Mrs May is final and we must either take it or leave it as it stands.

This suggests that we are now facing the prospect of exiting the EU without a deal.

The prospect of no deal has led to Kent County Council preparing for the roads leading to and from Dover and the Channel Tunnel turning into a giant lorry park.

It is also obvious that the uncertainty presented by a no deal scenario is liable to cause serious economic damage and many thousands of jobs would be at risk.

By appearing to rule out supporting a second referendum in any circumstances our current MP and his Conservative challenger need to explain to us whether they are now prepared to accept the risk of exiting the EU without a deal notwithstanding the catastrophic consequences likely to occur.

I can only conclude by saying to Mr Lloyd and Mrs Ansell that I believe that the residents of Eastbourne and Willingdon, those who voted Leave and those who voted Remain, as well as those who were too young to vote in 2016, need to hear from you as to what you believe should happen if Parliament rejects the deal now on offer.