‘Little interest’ in cycle strategy?

Some time ago I had a letter published in The Eastbourne Herald regarding the Cycling Strategy for Eastbourne and I suggested the need for a cycling/pedestrian route being created between Hampden Park and Eastbourne.

Since then there has been little interest shown by the Cabinet formed to study such a suggestion, although much attention has been focused on a Horsey Sewer route and a route for King Edwards Parade.

However, first cycle to those areas..!

In response to an enquiring letter to our local MP, Stephen Lloyd, who followed up the idea, Councillor Wallis has been corresponding with me and supplied copies of the cabinet committee’s report, dealing with the Cycling Strategy.

It appears that no particular emphasis has been applied to implementation of the idea and there is the possibility that the people of Hampden Park who would benefit from a pedestrian and cycling route between their homes and the town may never gain such a benefit unless our council is strongly encouraged to undertake the provision before spending time and cash on the present less useful scheme.

The woeful lack of cycle and pedestrian access to any connection between the town and Hampden Park devoid of vehicular presence is something that requires remedy and, whilst the council is busying itself with a ‘make do and mend’ type of policy with white lines on roads that involves the breathing in of vehicle fumes as well as the risk of accident, their efforts could surely be better spent in looking to the future as well as the present and greater effort be made towards the route I suggest which I am sure so many people would not only enjoy but find as something they much needed!

Ron Spicer

Meadowlands Avenue

Hampden Park