Little concern for the residents

AS A resident of Ashford Road, I write to express my concerns over planning permission being granted to build the mosque in Ashford Square.

I attended the planning meeting held at the Town Hall when permission was granted and I have to say I was disgusted with the way this application was conducted.

There were hardly any concerns raised on behalf of the residents and it seemed to be in favour of the mosque from the start. Indeed they could not wait for the show of hands to rush this through!

I feel the residents concerns were ignored and many left the Town Hall feeling totally dejected and very angry.

I am regularly around Ashford Square visiting my friend and have seen first hand the disruption the mosque causes at prayer meetings.

The traffic is atrocious and the majority of visitors certainly have no concerns about where they park. I have observed on countless occasions double yellow line parking and residents spaces being taken.

The noise late at night is also a real concern - how can they justify this disruption?

I am very concerned this problem will escalate when the mosque is built. Also, how can it be right for Ashford Square residents to have to endure two years of building work so close to their homes? This is a small residential area and it is not acceptable.

My friend in Ashford Square has been in tears over this and I cannot begin to think how I would feel if I lived so close to this project.

This site is totally inappropriate for this project and I am lost for words over why this was approved with little concern for the residents.

Carole Nevill

Ashford Road, Eastbourne