Lights off - it makes sense

GEOFF King is not the only resident to notice that lights in their area go out at about 1.30am.

I applaud this action on the part of the county council. It saves them (and therefore us the taxpayers) money not having to pay for that electricity.

It reduces ‘light pollution’ and the stars can be seen in all their glory when the lights are out.

The power stations use less fuel, and hence produce less pollution in the environment.

Less imported fuel helps our balance of payments, not a bad thing in these economic times.

Perhaps they might extend the hours of darkness and increase the benefits I have indicated !

As we have been living as a society, beyond our means, and living on debt,it stands to reason that if we are to reduce that debt, we must learn to reduce our expenditure and do without some of those things which we have got used to.

This applies to Government and local authorities as well as individuals.

I think there are other areas of local authority expenditure which we could easily learn to do without.


Barcombe Close, Seaford