Lifeguards not to blame for incident

IN response to your front page article entitled ‘Where were lifeguards to help my daughter?’, I feel you have unfairly tarnished the reputation of Eastbourne’s lifeguards, who do a lot of good work within the community.

As a resident in Eastbourne I am made well aware of sea safety by various signage along the seafront, including the sea temperature.

There is also advice and leaflets available from the Seafront Office.

I have a child in a local primary school who was visited by lifeguards last year to teach her various safety issues about Eastbourne seafront, including where it is and isn’t safe to bathe at certain times of the year.

Also they run a course throughout the summer for children to learn rescue skills and beach safety.

It is also well advertised that swimmers should always swim between the red and yellow flags and that if you are not, you are swimming at your own risk.

The story completely misses the point that this incident took place after 6.30pm, Lifeguards would only be on duty until 5.30pm.

If an incident happens at 7pm, would you then expect lifeguards to stay on duty until then and at what point is it out of interest of the public and not the best use of public money?

I fully understand the anger and grief the family is going through but I think to point the blame at Eastbourne’s lifeguards is totally unfair.

Geoff Fillsbury

Montfort Close