Lib Dems stand on own agenda

I DO enjoy Keith Newbery’s column, but he was a bit off beam last week (June 13).

It is just not true that the Lib Dems and Labour are “in talks” or that “Vince Cable is orchestrating the preliminary discussions”.

The truth is much simpler and rather less sensational.

MPs of all parties do actually talk to MPs of other parties and even have friends in other parties!

I had a friendly chat the other day with a Democratic Unionist from Northern Ireland, for example, but that does not mean the Lib Dems and the DUP are “in talks”.

As far as the next election is concerned, we shall do what we did at the last election: stand as an independent party and seek to win the maximum number of Lib Dem seats and votes we can, and then survey the landscape after the results are in to see what the British people have decided, and act accordingly.

If there is to be any arrangement between parties, that will be discussed after the election, not before it.

NORMAN BAKER MP (Lib Dem – Lewes)