Level of objection demonstrated

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MAY I take the opportunity to thank the residents of Polegate who have supported the campaign against the Honey Farm development throughout the last two and a half years.

I, with Michael and Jeannie May and the patience of my wife Amanda, have done all we could to fight this application.

The exceptional and positive support given by so many residents has had to be experienced to be believed.

Your support in the attending of meetings, signing of petitions, written representations to the Inspectorate and other ways has been much appreciated.

The level of residents objection was clearly demonstrated at the evening session of the Public Inquiry on February 2, it was extraordinary.

The inspector and his staff were taken aback to see the room packed to the gunnels. Well done to you all!

Now we have to play the waiting game, for some months we are advised, for the Secretary of State’s decision, which will be based on the Inspectors report.

Let us hope that he will accept the views, so admirably put by Polegate residents, and not allow this appeal, thereby bringing an end to our two and a half year battle

Joe O’Riordan

Brookside Avenue