LETTER: Yellow lines are needed

With regard to the residents of Central Avenue calling for better road safety measures. I have lived on Priory Heights, above the Central Avenue council estate, for 11 years and have some observations of my own which should be made public.

Having driven along Central Avenue several times a day for 11 years I can also categorically say that I have never seen a car driving at 60-70mph on that road.

It is physically impossible to do so because there are too many cars parked on the road causing obstruction despite the fact that almost every house has a driveway big enough for one, two or even three cars in some cases.

What I have seen is a two-year-old toddler in nappies wandering across the road whilst its parent was sunning herself in the garden like a completely oblivious beached whale.

I have also seen an eight-year-old swaggering around the road with a mobile phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

At night it is quite common to see gangs of three to 13 year olds roaming around unsupervised and coagulating at the shops at the bottom of Central Avenue.

So with regard to greater road safety I have a simple and inexpensive suggestion.

Can the council please install double yellow lines along the entire road as far up as the Salvation Army centre thereby forcing the residents to use their driveways and greatly increasing visibility for motorists and pedestrians alike.

The police should also be patrolling the area more frequently and actually intervene when they see toddlers and young children out at unsuitable hours.

Social Services should be more involved. Parenting classes are available I believe.


Priory Heights.