Letter writer is mistakes, says NHS chief

n your edition of January 25 you printed a letter from Roanna Mitchell (I would not have survived).

In her letter Ms Mitchell thanks staff at the DGH Coronary Care Unit for her excellent care. We are very pleased that Ms Mitchell had such a positive experience and it is true that the Cardiac department at the DGH is indeed excellent.

However, your readers should be aware that Ms Mitchell is mistaken in her belief that the Coronary Care Unit is to be closed and transferred to Hastings.

It is not clear why Ms Mitchell should believe this to be the case; this has never been contemplated and is not part of East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust’s plans.

Perhaps further evidence that the so called ‘Save the DGH’ campaign has misled local people and caused completely unnecessary concern and worry to patients.

DARREN GRAYSON, chief executive, East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.