LETTER: Words cannot express thanks

I would like to publicly thank the two Tesco drivers and two police community support officers for their very much needed support on Friday night February 20 at 9pm in Eastbourne Road, Polegate. I lost control of my dog and he ran out on the busy road and collided with the vehicle. We all thought he was dead as he lost consciousness. Amazingly he came round and the officers took me to Highcroft Vets in Hailsham (he had to be called out). The vet kept him overnight and stitched both hind legs and saw to various bruises on head and body. Amazingly he is 90% back to normal, once again a very grateful thanks to the two officers and two Tesco drivers who came round the following day to see how we were. Words cannot express how I feel about that. Also a big thanks to Adrian the vet for his very caring and expert handling of my pet Macs. Thank you all.

Bill Robertson,

Eastbourne Road, Polegate.