LETTER: Wind farm is a huge blow

Your report that the Shepham Wind Farm has been given planning consent is bad news for Sussex on two grounds. First, it is a huge blow against localism and local democracy. The planning application was refused by Wealden on planning grounds, and again at the subsequent appeal. Now the Planning Inspectorate has over ruled Wealden and granted planning permission on what appear to be the perceived economic and”green” benefits.

Since when did economic benefits affect planning decisions? In supporting or objecting to any planning application there is no provision to use economic benefits to support your case and the guidelines state that comments should be related to planning grounds.

The Planning Inspectorate have therefore used an argument which is denied to the rest of us, and in the process has shown two fingers to Wealden Planning Department and localism. If this is to be the future then what is the point of a local planning authority if it is not allowed to do its job?

The second piece of bad news is now that this application has been approved, there will surely be a rash of new applications right through the county which will signal a huge blight on our glorious Sussex Countryside.

We have no mountains here to hide these monstrosities, for that is what they are, as the single turbine towering above Glyndebourne in one of the most beautiful spots on the Downs, amply proves.

Finally, the economic “benefits” of the three turbines at Shepham Lane is very small beer indeed especially when one takes into account that the taxpayer is subsidising them.

Tom Dalgleish,

Sycamore Drive, Hailsham