LETTER: Will the road follow houses?

Re: Reference Group votes in favour of dual-carriageway (Herald October 31). Isn’t it any wonder that this political group consisting of local MPs and council leaders want a new road when they recognise the economic benefits for employment and housing that an improved A27 would bring. Looking at a map, it seems to me, a non-driver, that a dual carriageway must connect to the present A27 Polegate/Pevensey bypass at Cophill roundabout going westward to Lewes and beyond. Thereby keeping north of the present A27 until Berwick turning south across the railway, the present A27 and then crossing the rail line to Seaford, the Ouse and joining the A27 between Lewes A26/A27 and the A277 roundabouts. Whatever option is chosen the road will eventually encroach into he South Downs National Park, where development is restricted, which means any new housing will only be permitted around the Cophall area. Which, naively perhaps, gives me the impression if the housing goes ahead so will the road.

A R Edwards,

Lewes Road