LETTER: Will Herald lead petition?

Thank you Eastbourne Herald for reporting the shocking facts which have been hidden from us until the CQC report made them public. At last Darren Grayson is unmasked for the total incompetent he is and can we see him removed from office as soon as possible, along with his cohorts who have brought the DGH to its knees? Unfortunately I suspect those responsible will close ranks and hope it will all blow over. I note that Mr Grayson says quite categorically that he “has no intention of resigning” – obviously not as I suppose he will sit back and wait for a very large “pay off”, which seems to be the norm in the NHS.

Let’s just hope that someone in the NHS hierarchy has the spine and guts to rid us of this man before he can do any more damage to the long suffering medical staff – maybe the Herald might like to lead with a petition to demand his removal?

Graham Robinson

Eastbourne Heights