LETTER: Why the lack of supply of taxis?

Why is Eastbourne so dreadfully under-supplied with taxis and taxi firms? I am recovering from a bad case of ‘flu after a 25 minute walk home in a recent Friday late night downpour.

Two of the three taxi companies were not answering their phones and the third had a two hour wait.

The following day, though not feeling well, I was at the Hippodrome with visitors; our taxi was due at 10.20pm but did not appear till 10.40.pm All calls to our taxi firm, and to another one, were cut off. The third company had a half hour wait.

Why, in a big bustling place like Eastbourne, and in the tourist season too, do we not have adequate cabs and cabdrivers? Eastbourne will be slipping down the charts with its unsightly inaccessible pier and its inability to get people home at night – and with those extra calls to the doctor.

Elizabeth Woodman

Staveley Road