LETTER: Why is it so difficult to organise a hospital shuttle bus?

As a Trustee of the Friends of the DGH I asked local politicians some months ago, if with the various departments having been transferred to the Conquest, priority could be given to the provision of a bus service to link the two hospitals.

Currently it is very tedious journey necessitating changes, etc., and a simple loop bus was imperative. The answer seemed to be ‘nothing is definite’.

No one is asking for free travel. Just the ability to make a hassle free journey from one hospital to another to help staff, parents and children, visitors to sick patients in addition to patients attending clinics.

It doesn’t need to stop anywhere. It just needs to loop between the two making life a bit easier for families at what is, of necessity, a difficult time.

Come on Stagecoach, County Council Officers, local politicians whomsoever. Why is it so difficult?

Sandy Boyce-Sharpe

Trustee Friends of the Eastbourne Hospitals