LETTER: Who is responsible for the hedgerows?

Your report (October 10) that Bede’s School students have been playing a significant part in helping the endangered dormouse was heart-warming.

You also point out that ‘a decline in coppiced woodland and hedgerows means that Britain’s dormouse is threatened’.

And who is responsible for this decline? In this part of East Sussex much of the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Wealden Council.

The local authority seems hell-bent on destroying mature hedgerows, the vegetation that grows along the verges of country roads together with the plants and shrubs that make our countryside ‘forever England’.

These areas are the traditional home for dozens of birds, small mammals and insects. The lanes around Hellingly are witness to the savagery of this destruction of the natural habitat of many indigenous species.

It also seems odd that we now look to private organisations, and dedicated volunteers, to redress the balance of nature. How much more sensible it would be not to undertake the rural vandalism which hastens decline in the first place?

Roger Paine

Church Path, Hellingly