LETTER Where does she get figures?

In response to Amanda Philpott’s (CO Eastbourne, Hailsham & Seaford CCG}

Where on earth does she get the figure of six life threatening incidents to either mother or baby, from the period June 2013 to May 2014.

My daughter was taken to Conquest Hospital in mid December last year and on 19th December 2013 she had to have a Caesarean because of a life-threatening situation for both my daughter and grandson, who weighed less than 2lb and he was rushed to Trevor Mann baby unit in Brighton.

My daughter was unable to go with him because she was so poorly.

She was eventually reunited with him on Christmas Day. Whilst visiting her in the Conquest there were at least two other life threatening situations.

I cannot therefore believe that there were only three such situations in that year. Perhaps she will provide a month by month analysis.

When the DGH first opened it replaced I believe six hospitals that covered the Eastbourne and district.

Since that time the population of Eastbourne and surrounding area has more than doubled.

With so many services now being switched elsewhere when is going to be down graded to a cottage hospital?

Peter Winter

Hobney Rise.