LETTER: What’s wrong with Europe is our fault

Re: letters on UKIP and racism [Herald June 13]. It has to be said that racism exists in all political parties and in all sections of society.

UKIP is no exception. The allegation however obscures real consideration of the party’s simplistic view that all our nation’s ills are caused by the EU.

Not happy with the NHS? Defence? Exports? Education? Law & Order? The Arts? Welfare fraud? Then blame Brussels!

But the unfortunate reality is that successive British governments, we voted for, have been almost entirely responsible for the nature and quality of life in Britain...not the EU.

What’s wrong with Britain is OUR fault. Bad planning, poor execution.

When it comes to EU bureaucratic incompetence too our own civil servants and managers could give Brussels a lesson in waste. The management of NHS/health, education/schools, benefits and the MOD to name but a few disasters.

“With one bound we are free” says UKIP but it is not so simple to just walk away from the EU and instantly capture new markets.

If we still want to trade in Europe we have to follow EU rules and regulations anyway. No doubt that’s why the more-informed business world, the City and our Motor industry want reform but no “out” upheaval.

What will Nigel Farage achieve with his easy answer? Not political power to implement UKIP’s ill-defined single-issue policy; bearing in mind that over a third of the voting population want to stay in the EU. Finally, I ask this question of UKIP.

If succeeding in the EU is so difficult how is it that Germany, the biggest financial contributor, manages to beat Britain in virtually every economic and social dimension you can name?


Hardwick Road.