LETTER: What’s the fate of the cat?

Until a month or two ago a friendly black and white adult cat was to be seen on most days near the cashpoint machines at Sainsbury’s store, Hampden Park. It seemed to like the public and people drawing cash from the ATM’s often were seen stroking it and picking it up. The cat, which wore a red collar, seemed to enjoy human companionship.

Over a period of time, I suppose, the cat must have worked out that food might be had from inside the store and the last time I saw this moggy, it had wandered through the main entrance vestibule and was indeed just inside the store. A security man was trying to urge it to leave the store but I never saw the going of it. I’ve never seen the cat again since that day, either close to the cashpoint machines or indeed anywhere else on Sainsbury’s site. Does anyone know the fate of the cat? I hope that it didn’t come to an untimely end or was abducted by anyone.

Geoff Ambridge,

Northern Avenue, Polegate