LETTER: What’s going on at our hospital?

Does anyone know what has happened to our hospital?

On the Herald web page this week I noticed three items of news concerning road accidents:

1/ Car and motorcycle near Lidl – minor injuries, but injured taken to Conquest, Hastings.

2/ Car and pedestrian at Hydneye St. – serious leg and head injuries, injured taken to Royal Sussex Brighton.

3/ Car and pedestrian near Majestic Hotel – serious injuries, injured taken to Royal Sussex Brighton.

In all cases the hospitals used were 20 miles further away from the accident than the DGH.

How come the DGH is not used, as seemingly hundreds of people still work there if the number of cars in the car parks are any guide?

Maybe the authorities were just lucky that none of the injured died on the way to the distant hospitals, on some of the worst roads in the country.

Barry Hempstead

Walnut Tree Walk