LETTER: What must tourists think of noisy youngsters in the Arndale?

In the Arndale Centre this morning at around 10 am we were trying to relax and have a coffee when in came a young family, two of which were young twin boys.

These were leaning forward in their buggy and screaming and roaring on purpose at the top of their voices.

The parents thought it was quite amusing. What must the visitors and tourists think of the Arndale Centre?

I couldn’t wait to get out of the Centre this morning as these two were by far the worst, but there were many more unruly, noisy children, running around, spreading themselves out on the floor, being on scooters and generally making themselves a thorough nuisance. The security staff really need to sort this lot out as it is spoiling the shopping experience for the more well behaved among us!

Malcolm Shelfer,

Maywood Avenue.