LETTER: Well done Haven Players

My family and I have been attending the annual pantomime at Stone Cross Memorial hall for quite a few years now,

We always thoroughly enjoy ourselves, booing, hissing and clapping along with the musical numbers.

Stephanie Huxley was brave enough to attempt writing Rumplestiltskin, and what a success it was. All the cast were good, but I would like to congratulate Nick Ransom in his debut role for the players. He had a good stage presence and a nice singing voice. Sean Langford was excellent as Rumplestiltskin, and the wonderful

Doug Dalziel was back again as the dame. He is always a joy to watch, though his costumes this year were not as outrageous as in previous productions. Very well done , and thank you,I know all the hard work that goes in to these productions.

We shall look forward to next year!

Rosemary Austin-

Mill Road, Eastbourne