LETTER: We’ve no say in big decisions

I’m a 73-year-old Kentish man living in Eastbourne. I’ve been voting in elections, both local and general, as far back as I can remembers.

During that time my allegiances have changed but I still continue to cast my vote. Probably only half the population bother to vote; I wonder why when your vote could make all the difference.

Yet I can understand the frustration felt by many when those you voted for, overrule objections regarding i.e. supermarket conglomerates whose shops spring up where you, the populate, don’t want them!

It’s your town, you pay the taxes, but it seems there is nothing you can do about it; surely you should have a say on whatever happens or what decisions are being made that affects you and where you live. Isn’t that democracy?

I can only assume that someone higher up the ladder has the final word, certainly not you or I.

Mr A Edwards,

Lewes Road