LETTER: We need to see the bigger picture on hospital

We need to look at the bigger picture when we talk about our DGH.

Under the coalition 
dozens of A&E departments and maternity units have been closed or earmarked for closure or downgrading. In addition, more than 100 general practices are at risk of closure. Public health has been wrenched out of the NHS.

The coalition’s record is characterised by broken promises, reduction in necessary funding, destructive legislation, which leaves health services weaker and less able to perform their vital role than at any time in the NHS’s history.

The 2012 Health and Social Care act is already leading to the rapid and unwanted expansion of the role of commercial companies in the NHS.

The Act is denationalising healthcare because the abolition of the duty to provide an NHS throughout England abdicates government responsibility for universal services 
to ad hoc bodies (such as clinical commissioning groups) and competitive markets controlled by private-sector dominated quangos.

Hospitals have to become Foundation Trusts with the option to give 49 per cent of their services to private patients.

The NHS is withering away, and if things carry on as they are then in future people will be denied care they once had under the NHS and have to pay more for health services.

Privatisation not only threatens coordinated services but also jeopardises training of our future health-care providers and medical research.

Just my view?

No, that of the 140 top professors and consultants working in the NHS who wrote to The Guardian newspaper on April 8. Their message to voters is to consider carefully how the NHS has fared in the last five years, and use their vote to ensure the NHS is reinstated.

Barbara Carter

Staveley Road, Eastbourne