LETTER: We need to reduce our carbon emissions

If Philip and Sylvia Hague (Herald letters, Friday February 13) make the short journey from Polegate to Glyndebourne, the owner Gus Christie will tell them that his single wind tower there contributes 105 per cent of the annual energy needs of the opera house, restaurants and other buildings there. That means that one tower is contributing five per cent of its power generated to the National Grid as well as meeting all Glyndebourne’s considerable energy needs.

Alternatively Philip and Sylvia could cross the channel from Newhaven to Dieppe and spend a long weekend visiting the attractive seaside towns stretching east and west along the coast. On their journey they will see many groups of six to eight land-based wind towers which contributes to a renewable energy target of more than 30 per cent of total consumption and 40 per cent of their electricity needs. By 2030 about 80 per cent of France’s total energy needs could be from non-fossil fuel sources.

Only the most rabid of politicians would deny that we in the UK need to drastically reduce carbon emissions. To state that ‘wind farms are utterly useless’ is the language we have come to expect from the more extreme UKIP politicians, who would no doubt welcome Mr and Mrs Hague’s votes. Perhaps they also think that a coal-fired power station in Polegate would be a good idea!

Roger Hudson

Devonshire Place,