LETTER: We need paediatrics in Eastbourne

In last week’s Eastbourne Herald a whole page of letters discussed the concerns of the ever growing need for school places in Eastbourne with proposals for a new Primary school being built alongside Cavendish school, the increase in intake at Motcombe and Ocklynge.

I have also heard of other schools within Eastbourne are having to accept more pupils, and I believe their are rumours afoot that Ratton may be losing part of their playing field for a new Primary School.

All these extra young scholars, more young families must be making Eastbourne their home, and where will our youngsters be taken if an ambulance is called to an Eastbourne school, yes that’s right a hospital nearly 20 miles away – Hastings.

The anxiety those dear children will suffer, the stress their poor parents will go through, and this is called progress.

The East Sussex Healthcare Trust that operates the DGH and The Conquest must hold their heads down in shame. What a state to be in, every effort must be made to bring back a full paediatric service to the very populated town of Eastbourne.

Richard Diplock

Princes Road.