LETTER: We need a proper cycling track

From the way many people have responded to the various letters in the Eastbourne Herald, it is obvious that the large majority of residents are against many aspects of cycling that a number of cyclists wish to have implemented.

If the Eastbourne Council had been sufficiently and honestly robust in its response to some matters, there would not have been the prolonged argument by some cyclists versus the general public. There was a brief period when cycling along the promenade was allowed and it obviously satisfied the many that it was not what Eastbourne could safely provide. During that period and since, there have been incidents involving injury due to cycling amongst pedestrians.

There has been ongoing procrastination regarding implementation of the track I have constantly sought after alongside the railway line between Hampden Park and Eastbourne. A really safe area for both pedestrians and cyclists devoid of vehicular menace and fumes. A suggestion that Bespoke steadfastly ignored, including a failure by its secretary to respond to numerous communications I had sent. However, in the most recent times Bespoke appear to have grudgingly accepted it as a viability and one of their representatives responded to me, confirming what I already knew, due, I suspect, to the publicity I had thankfully been given in the Herald as well as my constant writings to the councils concerned, also the relevant government departments. Those two councils involved, ESCC and Eastbourne have in recent times at last included a consultation on the matter which unfortunately sought to provide reasons why the track could not at present be created rather than favourably responding, despite the fact that its possibility has been known for over forty years! East Sussex got its Cuckoo Trail and we should have a similar one; not a roadside track.

Ron Spicer

Meadowlands Avenue