LETTER: We had three-hour trip

My wife has just come out of hospital after having major surgery, although we live in Eastbourne the surgery was undertaken at the Conquest hospital in Hastings.

I must point out that we have no complaint at all with the treatment my wife received at the Conquest, they were completely, professional, caring and kind.

Our issue is with the trust, we find it incomprehensible that an ever expanding town as Eastbourne with a population [2011 census] of 99,412 have to rely on an ever diminishing general hospital.

We have since discovered that all trauma orthopeadics, paediatrics, consultant led maternity services and all major/high risk surgeries are now conducted at the Conquest Hospital in Hastings.

This meant for me to visit my wife daily the following, 361+ miles travelled, time spent traveling 36hrs [approx.] and cost in excess of £180 for train fares and taxis as my wife was not sufficiently well enough to travel by public transport, I must also point out that we are both pensioners and do not have a car.

There will be patients from Eastbourne at the Conquest Hospital who in all probability will have few if any visitors because of the distance and cost of travelling, that is apart of the stress and strain of travelling the 20 or so miles each way.

This government with its Lib-Dem coalition partners have done nothing to stem the haemorrhaging of services from Eastbourne DGH, our MP has been pretty powerless to do anything except have his picture in the Herald on “Save the DGH” marches.

The previous Labour administration also have their fair share of blame, as the rot set in whilst they were in power.

We live less than a mile from Eastbourne DGH a walk of 20 minutes, yet I had a three hour round trip to the Conquest hospital for seven days.

What are we to the bean counters and senior managers did they consider sick patient’s? did they consider the 17-mile distance from Eastbourne at the Conquest hospital partially on a single lane road. An ever expanding town with an ever diminishing service at our local hospital.

B King

Ratton Road