LETTER: We can voice an opinion about cycling at the ballot box

In 2013 NICE published a report stating that councils should develop safe walking and cycling strategies to encourage greater levels of fitness in the population. In 2016 it is hoped that DFT will have £600 million available to support more of these strategies. Hasting has fulfilled its duty to cyclists, their latest consultation states that their are no further plans for cyclists. Lewes have just started to build a multi-million pound pedestrian area from the station to the shopping centre. In Eastbourne meanwhile, we have no strategy or plans to encourage walking, instead, safe and comfortable walking has been taken from us by a carefully orchestrated campaign by Bespoke supported by our council. In 2015 our iconic, and safe walking promenade will be taken by cyclists (a long held target of Bespoke). Cyclists illegally use pavements across town with no threat of prosecution. Now Bespoke are targeting the tranquillity of Sovereign Harbour walkways which they wish to use for cycling. When will our council and MP support the NICE proposals to build safe walking areas in Eastbourne (and protect those that we already have)? They keep stating that Eastbourne is open for business, within 12 months as far as safe walking is concerned it will be closed for business. As for Bespoke I despair, they have no sense of community, just an undying desire to take every safe space available for walking and make it their own. Walkers are the majority voice in Eastbourne and next May we can voice our opinion at the ballot box.

Ray Blakeborough,

The Piazza, Sovereign Harbour.