LETTER: We can learn from French on potholes

We have just returned from a 1,800 mile motoring holiday throughout France, and it was a pleasure to make the entire journey on extremely smooth and well maintained roads with no bumps or potholes. Amazingly, the smoothness was evident on all classes of road, from the main dual carriageways right down to the narrow ‘D’ class country roads. It was a pleasure to get away from the roughness and potholes of Eastbourne’s roads. However, after completing our journey and arriving back in Eastbourne, we were brought back to reality with a bump, quite literally, thanks to worn surfaces and frequent potholes. In view of the smoothness and supreme quality of French roads, we assumed that French motorists have to pay a lot more road tax than we do, in return for the relaxing benefits. However, we were surprised to learn that French motorists don’t pay any road tax at all – it’s free to drive on their excellent roads. Some Brits may joke that we do everything better than the French, but we could certainly benefit from lessons from the French on how to make motoring a pleasure rather than a daily endurance exercise.

If the French can do it nationwide, why can’t Eastbourne do it just locally?

Peter and Linda Hunt

Kings Avenue