LETTER: Watch where you step!

I have just come back from a lovely walk, my fourth since the Bank Holiday.

I have been to Butts Brow, Abbotts Wood, Friston Forest and the Cuckoo Trail.

I have marvelled in the cheerful sounds of the birds, and the beautiful plants which have thrived on the recent weather of sunshine and rain.

It could have been such a wonderful experience, but then there was the dog poo!

After weekends, and especially the long bank holiday weekends, this unpleasant addition to our lovely walks is everywhere.

I have trodden in some, as have my dogs, and I am sure many children who are on half term have as well.

It is not pleasant, especially if trodden into the car and house.

Why do dog walkers, whether walking their own dogs, or as a professional dog walker, keep an eye on their dogs.

If they defecate, as they often do on a walk (the natural movement of walking naturally stimulates the process), then please pick up and dispose of appropriately.

I am a dog lover, I own two dogs of my own, which I take into care homes to be stroked, I also treat injured dogs with massage and healing.

I am a dog walker, but a personal dog walker, taking just one or two dogs at any one time, so I can be attentive to their personal needs and pick up any of their poos.

Dogs give us so much, love, laughter, loyalty and companionship, so clearing up after them, although not exactly pleasant, is just something we have to perform in return.

Please can we all be a little more thoughtful to others and clear up after our dogs.

It is not much to ask, there are invariably poo bins along these walks, all we have to do is supply our own bags, we don’t even have to get dirty and smelly.

If we don’t start becoming responsible dog owners, we could get banned from these lovely places, so that others can enjoy a pleasant walk without stepping in poo.


Dallaway Drive.