LETTER: Watch out in the summer

As we approach the welcome season of summer it is useful to give a timely reminder about keeping your property safe, and being kind to your neighbours.

With the warmer weather people understandably have windows and doors open. This can be an open invitation to burglars, especially when windows are left open when you are out.

Burglars can often squeeze into very small spaces and so please remember keep these closed when possible. Also, it is worth remembering to keep garden tools securely locked away when they are not in use so they do not get taken.

The Harbour has an excellent track record with very low levels of burglaries, and we hope that this summer will be no different. The other item I wanted to mention was regarding noise issues and disputes. Again, with the warmer weather, it’s a great time to have barbecues. Should you feel that someone is being too noisy, and it should be reported, then this should be to the Neighbourhood First Team at Eastbourne Borough Council.

They have more powers to deal with noise issues and can resolve things satisfactorily.

PC Ed Faulkner,

Neighbourhood Policing Team.