LETTER: Warranty for pothole repair

There has been much pre- election publicity from Government about granted funding for repairs to our roadways and from East Sussex County Council on their efforts over the last two years in effecting repairs with “new technology” that has allowed them to complete the work at “a fraction of the cost”.

However, we have not, over the last few months, experienced any of the extreme conditions in the South East that, we are told, have caused the unprecedented increase in potholes and general road damage in the past.

Even so, from my observations, both as a car driver and cyclist, it would appear there are still many potholes and the damaged areas and these, almost invariably, occur where a repair or patching of the road surface has been undertaken previously.

It therefore begs the question as to how well the repairs are being done. Furthermore, from my own experience with contracting work in the public sector, I would have expected the work to be undertaken with an obligation on the contractor to provide a warranty for their installation work.

As a consequence I would interested to know whether road repair work is undertaken with a warranty of workmanship from the Contractor and whether East Sussex County Council actively pursue and enforce such warranties. Our politicians are always keen to quote statistics, when it suits their cause, or publicise their largess by announcing increasing funding ahead of an election, but I suspect a bit more careful management of the work to our roads and a more considered long term approach to road maintenance generally may be of financial benefit to all of us not least in the underlying costs of repairs to our damaged vehicles.

Mike Archer

Church Avenue, Westham