LETTER: View of the minority

Your correspondent, F. Northcott, makes basic errors in his letter published on March 27th. He was not approached as an individual to join our group, as his letter suggests. A general invitation was issued to anyone in the town who was interested in the preservation of the building. In addition the presence of the high voltage cables on the land was not disclosed by Network Rail until March 12th just passed so it can not have been part of any decision he made when we set up the group.

Several of us have worked for the railway and are well aware of such things as clearances. He seems to have inside information. The two possible alternative sites he mentions should the Box be dismantled and rebuilt are exactly those we have in mind but the fight goes on as we have a very recent letter from the Managing Director of Network Rail saying we can have the building in its current location. Incidentally his views are those of an infinitesimal minority in Polegate. Nearly 500 people in the town signed the document sent to English Heritage when we sought Listed Building status.

Michael Clewett

Chairman, Polegate Signal Box Preservation Society.