LETTER: Use a registered plumber say water groups

With the increase in the number of rogue plumbers vying for work, people should make sure their plumber is WaterSafe registered. That’s the advice being given by South East Water for World Plumbing Day (tomorrow, March 11).

Using a WaterSafe registered plumber gives customers the confidence they are using an approved plumbing contractor to carry out routine or emergency works.

If you need a plumber always use the WaterSafe website to find qualified professionals working in your area.

By employing a competent plumber you have the peace of mind that your property is protected from damage which can be caused by poor plumbing installation.

Now in its sixth year, World Plumbing Day is an international event initiated by the World Plumbing Council to celebrate the important role plumbing plays in health and safety.

Our research shows there is still a major issue in consumers continually failing to check credentials, leaving them wide open to a growing number of unqualified rogue plumbers.

We ask all plumbers to push the WaterSafe message with their customers and by doing this we can all help raise the standards of water safety in the UK and continue to be a prime example of good practice on a global level. For more information, visit southeast

Mark Newmarch, water fittings and regulations team manager, South East Water and Kevin Wellman, director of