LETTER: Unfair to local council over parking

In reply to the letter It’s just not British written by Mr Taylor in Friday’s Eastbourne Herald:

I think that it is unfair to blame Eastbourne Borough Council for the Parking disaster in our town.

For one year, it held out against East Sussex County Council’s bid to make Eastbourne yet another ‘cash cow’ under a national scheme laid out to enrich American companies like National Car Parks, whose revenue now exceeds over £2 million pounds a year in Eastbourne alone.

Our local Liberal Democrat Council were well aware of the damage to local trade and to the quality of life in the town centre, but were unable to stop the Labour Minister of Transport from overruling local legislation, which the Borough Council found and used to protect us against exploitation.

If you want to blame this catastrophe then point your finger at East Sussex County Council and National Government for causing what may well be considered a wealth tax on all of us, and realise that our elected representatives at Eastbourne’s Town Hall have always had the wellbeing of its residents at heart.


Pevensey Road.