LETTER: Turbines are very expensive

It is significant that during the week in which it was announced that planning permission had been granted for three wind turbines at the Shepham wind farm, it was also announced that whenever temperatures are at their lowest, with no winds and stationary wind turbines, the idle turbines actually suck electric power from the national grid.

It is needed to create enough movement to prevent the bearings from icing up. Not only, therefore, do we need to source energy from conventional power stations at such times, as we also do when there is too much wind causing the turbines to be shut down, but the grid is actually providing power for wind farms in the coldest weather. What a fiasco! Wind turbines, as well as being unsightly monstrosities, are known to cause various problems for local residents, and wreak havoc amongst the local bird population.

They are hideously expensive and the taxpayer is paying for them in his higher energy bills. Their one redeeming feature is the increase in support for UKIP they generate amongst the local populace.

R Hopkins,

Lewes Road