LETTER: Treating people like children

The following letter regarding the downland farms poll in the Eastbourne Review has been sent to Eastbourne Borough Council.

I’m returning your ‘Informal Ballot’ form as requested, but under protest!

I regard the way that the question has been put to us as the worst type of bullying; there is so little information and then such stark alternatives.

For instance, will we still be able to walk the fields at Butt’s Brow as we can now, the only restriction being to shut gates and keep dogs under control? Also no map of the affected areas ... why not?

It’s quite obvious that you’ve picked the four ‘punishments’ most likely to affect the residents and pressure us into giving the answer that you want (a bit like offering children a choice between a bag of sweets and the cane). I can’t helping thinking you see us as children who must be pushed in the ‘right’ direction.

I do hope you all remember that you’re there to run Eastbourne for the benefit of the residents (but I have my doubts that you do).


Channel View Road