LETTER: Traffic lights won’t help in Alfriston

I am interested in what has been suggested regarding safeguarding Alfriston from heavy/big lorries and traffic. I think traffic lights would be to the detriment of the village and certainly cause emissions from vehicles to be unbearable and cause further damage to buildings, let alone the nuisance of cars at a long standstill. It would also spoil the look of Alfriston. At present it is a delightful village with not much road signage.

My suggestion would be to install “gates” or barriers at a certain distance from the approach to the village to narrow down the width of the road to physically prevent any large vehicles from even attempting to negotiate the village. These gates would have to be some way out of the village and provision made for those vehicles which cannot progress to turn around to go another way. Any large vehicle with “permission” to enter the village, i.e. refuse lorries, removal businesses would be able to access the village by removal of the “gates” or another gate installed by the side of the narrowed gate for access, rather like a cattle grid. Drivers would soon get the message they could not access the village. A simple solution to me!


Station Road,