LETTER: Traffic chaos in Kings Drive

Walked to hospital this morning just before 0900; usual congestion adjacent St Thomas A Becket junior school, but even worse towards Rodmill.

No advance warnings for motorists until 50 feet from roadworks; too late to turn off. Notice for pedestrians much further back!

I’m at a loss to know why a private housing company is allowed to cause this much upheaval; when a blind roundabout just in Cross Levels Way is ignored.

The walkway under Cross Levels Way for pedestrians seems rarely used but one wonders why a similar idea couldn’t be incorporated in Kings Drive instead of light controlled crossing. More chaos!

When I got to hospital loads of people, including my consultant, were late because of said traffic congestion; not just in my road but all over.

This isn’t good enough. All I can say is I hope this housing estate doesn’t cause serious flooding in the area known as Eastbourne Levels, when we have rain like we had this week!

A Edwards,

Lewes Road