LETTER: Toys thrown out of pram?

Oh dear. Our petulant MP has thrown his ‘toys out of the pram ‘ over the award of £75 million to improve the A27.

But surely that is not a bad start when national budgets are tight. Does Stephen Lloyd suggest that we return these millions to help another area that would welcome this substantial investment?

It would be more mature for Mr Lloyd to join other local campaigners in seeing this sum as a first step towards the best possible solution. Or are we witnessing a manufactured indignation as a political ploy? I also seem to remember that Norman Baker, Liberal Democrat MP for Lewes, blocked an earlier proposal to improve the A27 and as a result we are now paying more for the job. Finally, I know it is the pantomime season but our MP flouncing off the stage in a huff is most dramatic but the big gesture is no help to Eastbourne business.”

Michael Black

Hardwick Road