LETTER: Time to change voting system?

We have been encouraged to vote as the General Election approaches.

Unfortunately, I am not so sure it is so important in a first past the post voting system.

In the Bexhill and Battle constituency it is inevitable that the Tories will win it, indeed they could stick a blue rosette on a dog and they would still win.

So if I wish to vote for another party it will be a wasted vote, it will mean nothing at all.

That may not be the case in Eastbourne or Hastings where the contest is more closely fought, but in the majority of constituencies the result is a forgone conclusion.

I would not deny the wishes of the people but surely it is not so important to vote if your vote means nothing.

Is it not time to reform the voting system?

If the single transferable vote were adopted then maybe less people would feel disenfranchised.

Ian Simpson,

The Gorseway, Little Common.