LETTER: Thousands support JPK

Mr Fitzgerald’s rather jaundiced letter slating the efforts of all those supporting and working for the success of the JPK Project spear headed by Jill Parker marks him out as one of the minority of local residents who managed to get listened to by some very weak and inexperienced councillors.

Under this pressure these councillors turned down the planning application without closely looking at the facts (the council planning officers recommended they should approve it).

The facts were revealed at the Appeal Inquiry and the Inspector overturned the Council’s decision.

We the ratepayers of Eastbourne had to bear the cost of the Planning Appeal. There was very little publicity about this total waste of public money and who should take responsibility for their errors.

Mr Fitzgerald was no doubt at the inquiry presenting the opposition of a very small number of local residents still trying to stop this so worthwhile project.

Hundreds if not thousands of Eastbourne and East Sussex people have been helping to raise the money that has got this project to this magnificent stage; owning the site and the redundant church/community building and already putting it to great use for the local community and the families of disabled young people.

I am sure there will be no shortage of willing volunteers (me included) to help with the archeological survey; digging for the expert historians who will undoubtedly need some extra man (and woman) power to assist this process and keep the cost down.

Ken Stevens

Rosebery Avenue