LETTER: This is scarcely science fiction

Reading the latest “Herald”, two things leaped out at us. The first was the County Council pilot scheme for GPS tracking people with dementia.

The Alzheimers Society has rightly pointed out that the advantages of this must be balanced against civil liberties. Yes, indeed, because what Orwellian potential this has. If Orwell were writing “Ninteen-eighty-four” today, he would, undoubtedly include such things as the state injecting everyone with tracking chips at birth. This is scarcely science fiction. The technology already exists and it would only require someone to decide that it is politically acceptable.

This brings us to the second thing which leaped out; namely the high-handed attitude of the County Council’s 100% Tory Cabinet. Most county councillors voted against bus service cuts, but the cabinet outraged many by implementing cutbacks regardless. Central government’s obsession with “security” and its contempt for the electorate are well documented. Who, for example, voted for GCHQ getting the right to snoop on everyone’s internet usage? This attitude also seems to exist locally and we should watch proposals coming from bodies like the County Council Cabinet carefully. This could be how a Big Brother state begins; not with a bang at the centre, but with seductive whispers about the “common good” at a local level.

Martin Hillman and David Ellis,

Hawks Road, Hailsham.