LETTER: These things are sent to try us

Response to S Poole’s “Open Letter to Stagecoach” October 3. In 1972 I moved to a job in Eastbourne, having become a single parent with teenage children, a girl and a boy. A year later an estate agent found me a suitable property in a country lane in one of the nearby villages. We have no public transport, no shops, no street lighting, no speed limits, no road drainage but just one footpath to the village primary school. A couple of years ago I was advised to give up driving due to a serious eye condition. The taxi drivers who serve me are very cheerful and helpful, but it costs more than £10 per outing! These things are sent to try us! Let us wish in future they wouldn’t try quite so hard. On behalf of Stagecoach, my apology to S Poole.

Mrs M I Fox,

Foords Lane, Hankham,